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A Personal Note:

By the grace of God my wife and I have been married now for twenty-three years and in addition to that we have been blessed with three children. We were both born and raised by blue collar families along the Appalachian Mountains of Pennsylvania, however, five years ago we moved our family to Southern California so that I could study the Word of God in seminary. My earlier occupation reaching as far back as 1989 was residential construction/remodeling until I became a welder/fabricator for a local Pennsylvania coal mine in 2001. As you can guess, I am an avid Speedex Tractor enthusiast. Alongside that, I have a broad range of other interests ranging from hunting, fishing, firearms, metal detecting, bio-diesel production, and growing giant vegetables such as Atlantic Giant Pumpkins and 5 lb. tomatoes. And of course, my absolute favorite TV show is American Pickers

How I got Started in Speedex Tractors

My journey with Speedex Tractors began in the spring of 2002 while traveling on Pennsylvania Rt. 422. At that time, a well-known and flourishing garden tractor/mower salvage yard stood on a stretch of that highway just prior to entering Indiana. For years it was a favored spot for many; the prices for used small engine parts was unimaginably low, and now that no evidence remains of its existence the fond memories I have of taking my sons there for a Saturday with dad are vivid and of course it is where I purchased my first Speedex. Up until that day I had never heard of or seen one before but when I drove by that day, I had to turn around and take a closer look. There were no markings on it. All I saw before me was an actual tractor about the size of a modern riding lawn mower. I could not believe that it was made of solid steel; I had to have it. Its hood was white, the frame was bare metal and the mower deck was red. Shortly after I got it home, while cleaning it, I could barely make out the word “Speedex” on the mower deck. With that I set out, armed with my 56K dial up modem I began to surf the internet in hopes of finding out what I had. Although I searched for many hours, I was unable to find information other than the fact that it was a Speedex made in Ravenna, Ohio.

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